What Makes Us Different

At Davidov Financial, our methodology is what sets us apart from other wealth management firms.  We believe your portfolio must not only consider your current financial situation and long-term goals but also the unique circumstances in your life.  We work with individuals and organizations to design and manage customized financial portfolios that optimize the probability of success.  

Comprehensive, Financial Planning-led Approach

Many advisors talk about customization, but for us, it means something different.  We do not believe that simply putting you in a model portfolio based on your risk tolerance or age is enough.  For an advisory team to truly design an appropriate portfolio, they need to understand your goals, such as future income needs or the desire to leave a legacy to the next generation.  The advisory team must also consider the significance of all your assets and available income sources - such as real estate, pensions, and social security - as well as expected impact of income and estate taxes, today and in the future.  At Davidov Financial, we evaluate all of these elements and much more before we recommend a single investment.

Every recommendation we make is based solely on helping you achieve your personal goals.

At Davidov Financial:

  1. We avoid conflicts of interests!  We do not offer proprietary mutual funds or hedge funds.  We only select investment vehicles from the available universe of securities that we believe are best-in-class for our client's needs, so compensation is the same regardless of which investments we recommend.
  2. We are fiduciaries and will put you first.  We are required to act in your best interest (not all financial advisors do!)
  3. We can coordinate financial planning, estate planning, investment management and risk management, all in-house.
  4. We have a leading legal team that has drafted thousands of estate plans that will review your estate planning documents.  Estate and tax planning are critical components of wealth management.  
  5. We will respond to your questions promptly.

Why We Exist

Simply put, at Davidov Financial, we exist because we feel the financial-advising industry is broken.  We believe our service should be completely in your best interest, not ours.  We can’t change Wall Street and the way they do things, but we can offer something different to like-minded investors.  Our firm focuses on providing clients with customized investment plans and comprehensive wealth management services. 

We Are Fiduciaries

Many other firms receive compensation in the way of commissions, so buying and selling are encouraged regardless of how it impacts your financial plan. As fiduciaries, we are legally and ethically bound to always act in your best interest.

We take our roles as trusted advisors seriously. We will be there to guide you in selecting the right asset allocation and investment strategy, using techniques developed over multiple market cycles. We earn our clients’ trust and confidence in our approach to personal finance by tailoring our strategic investment recommendations to their personal situation. Our goal is to help you plan for life events you expect and overcome those you don’t.

Your Customized Financial Plan

We believe a client’s portfolio must consider their current financial situation, risk tolerance and long-term goals. It must also consider all the unique circumstances that apply to the client’s life. Therefore, we’ve adopted a comprehensive, goals-based approach to portfolio management services. We work with individuals and organizations to design and manage customized financial portfolios that optimize the probability of success. 

Our portfolio management processes are tailored to provide the right investment mix that suits you. We believe your investment portfolio should be as unique as you.

Working With Us

Working with us will be different than with some Wall Street firm. We’ll take the time to get to know you, your plans and your goals to achieve your retirement aspirations.

Our relationship will be more of a warm partnership than a cold client-advisor relationship.  We often work with two or three generations within a family and form deep client relationships.

To us, you’re a person, not an account. Everything we do is based on your plans and needs. Our flexibility and attention to personal detail help to distinguish us from the other, more corporate firms out there.

You will work directly with Michael Davidov, Esq., CFP®, but he won’t be working in a vacuum. He can leverage the capabilities of a team of experienced, credentialed specialists in the areas of legal, tax, insurance, portfolio management or any other aspect of your wealth management plan. Whether your needs are large or small, Davidov Financial has the in-house resources to provide a comprehensive approach to managing your financial plan. 

Get to know us, and you’ll discover how our approach is better. We look forward to meeting you!

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