Our Process

Financial Check-Up

Our approach to delivering personalized financial services always starts and ends with you, our client. We begin this process by listening to you and discussing your lifestyle, goals, wishes, dreams, and family situations to develop a deep understanding of your ultimate objectives. Together, we seek to uncover what financial risk means to you, and what tools may be appropriate for achieving your desired outcomes. We seek to understand what financial freedom means to you and what are your greatest financial fears (i.e. Will I be able to maintain my lifestyle? Will I run out of money? Will I be a physical or financial burden on my loved ones?) With this information, we construct and deliver personalized solutions integrating asset protection, investment, tax, estate, and retirement income planning.

Implement Your Wealth Strategy Plan

Once the planning process is completed and your custom portfolio approved, we will proactively implement your estate, insurance, tax, and investment planning needs. We continue to meet with you regularly to update your financial plan, monitor and track your financial goals, and review your investment portfolio. We are always one call or email away for a specific question or concern, or changes you would like to discuss. Whether you need a financial consultation or would like to run an idea by an expert in the field, our team is always available to you. We will continue to keep you up-to-date with quarterly market commentary, communications, client events, and educational seminars to provide you insights and perspectives on your finances.